Access Ramp in Chichester

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This access ramp leading to some Art studios in Chichester, West Sussex was in major need of repair. M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in for the repair promtly as the old boards were about to fall apart where they were so rotten!

The works included:

  1. Take the old rotten boards (Plywood) off the existing ramp framework.
  2. Carefully inspected the existing framework to make sure there was no rot attacking it.
  3. Swept out the void space where mess and cob webs had collected over the years.
  4. Fixed brackets to frame and concrete floor to help securely hold the frame in place.
  5. Cut and fitted new Anti-slip Plywood boards designed for such things as access ramps.
  6. Fitted treated timbers on edges of ramp to stop a wheel chair rolling off the side.
  7. A cabin hook was fitted to hold the door back when open.
  8. Finally cleared and swept off new access ramp ready for immediate use.



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