Built-in Alcove Units & Fireplace Beam

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The living room of this property in Chichester, West Sussex was in need of a neat way of creating extra storage space as well as housing the t.v and becoming a focal point.

The units were hand built in the workshop made from MDF with a primer finish, any shelf positions where decided onsite whilst fitting so owners could get a visual. The softwood (pine) tops that you can see were machined at the workshop also, then cut carefully onsite with a small hole at the back of one for t.v cables etc. Whilst this work was being done the client also asked us to re-make and fit the bay window boards to tie in with the new tops and become one, which worked out very well.

Finally the fireplace was being fitted by GTP Chimneys at the same time as the units, when the stove had been fitted the owners wanted something else to finish the fireplace off. So after a few discussions we decided to fit a chunky Oak beam with a slightly rustic look to it which again was pre-prepared at the workshop.

The clients then painted everything and kindly let us come back to get some extra pictures. Please look through and see what you think.



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