Built-in Units in Barham

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The owners of this property in Barham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex came to us wanting a large games room unit made and fitted for thier kids T.V, games console, books, board games etc. as well as a smaller unit for extra storage space in their lounge.

Both units were made from MDF applied with a primer finish ready for the decorator. The games room unit was made as six separate units which were all connected together to create one large unit with plenty of space. The smaller lounge unit was just the one unit, but fitted with more decorative trims and a pair of doors to create a focal point.

The games room unit included, adjustable shelves on the top left and right, fixed shelves top middle with a large space underneath for the T.V, adjustable shelf underneath the T.V which is within a large middle base unit, large base units left and right with fixed shelves internally and doors fitted on concealed hinges with a tounge and groove look and small knobs (this matches the backs of the top units). If you look at the pictures below you can see the unit has infills and decorative pieces of wood with various mouldings to give the whole unit a nicer look. There is also a combination of neat square and circular holes for different types of cable or plug end to pass through and get to wherever they need to go, with an existing socket now within the unit.

The lounge unit included, a fixed shelf internally, a small pair of doors on butt hinges with small knobs and magnetic catches to keep them closed, a decent sized worktop with a decorative moulding applied to the two exposed edges, a small hole for the lamp cable to pass through and plug in to existing socket now with in the unit, skirting boards fitted to blend in with another unit in the room and existing taller skirting boards.


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