Cat Run in Fareham

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The owners of this property in Fareham, Hampshire were in need of a cat run for their three cats. As specified, it had to include, a roof so the cats have some shelter from the rain, a few shelves for them to climb up on whilst being nosey and a smaller tunnel section which leads them to the cat flap situated in the UPVC door. The end of the tunnel section could be removed if ever the owners wanted to open the door with the cat flap in it. However, they’re happy to use the one main door for now.

If you look at the above pictures, you can see what M.J Carpentry & Joinery came up with. The main frames, doors and roof sections were made from treated 2×2 timbers therefore long lasting, strong and durable. Using timber of this size means the cat run isn’t too heavy when flat packed and moved. Except for the roof which is corrigated plastic sheets, the rest of the cat run has a special grade of galvanised mesh especially designed to keep the cats safe, stop them getting out and any predators getting in.

In regards to accessing the cat run, there is a double door system which works well because the cats can’t go running off as there is always a locked door behind you. With an added bonus being, the cubicle section where both doors hang creates something else the cats can climb and somewhere to sit and chill.

As you can see from the finished project, the overall look is delicate on the eyes which is probably a good thing as the owners will see it daily from their lounge window.

Here at M.J Carpentry & Joinery, we can make any size and design of cat run to suit your needs. Please do get in touch if this interests you and we can get the ball rolling.

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