Cat Run in Littlehampton

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This was a good one off project to make and fit!

The customers of this property in Littlehampton, West Sussex wanted a Cat Run made and attached to the back of their house. Which would then create a new adventure for their very cute and unique cat called Cyrus.

As you can see in the pictures above, this was a fairly simple design but makes a very good impact because of it’s size. The design included:

  1. Treated timbers to create the main frames and doors.
  2. A special grade of Galvanised Wire Mesh attached to the frame sections (this mesh is designed for Cat Runs).
  3. There’s a couple of doors, one externally with a Yale lock for security and the other internally with bolts both sides so it can be locked either side.
  4. An exterior grade of plywood was used to create some soffits front and back to close off any gaps that Cyrus could get through and also give the frame a nicer look.
  5. The project is also screwed together with exterior screws and can be flat packed if ever the customers wish to move.

Although M.J Carpentry & Joinery used treated timbers which would last for many years, as an extra precaution whilst fitting the Cat Run the frame was packed up off the unlevel ground slightly. This helped with a couple of things, the unlevel ground itself, this also lets water from the weather flow through underneath the frame and stops water being trapped inbetween the ground and the frame causing any quick rotting.

Also in regards to water, the whole Cat Run was fitted with a slight lean to the right (if looking at the front) to allow for any major water from the tiles of the house to flow away from the main back door via the exterior soffit board, the plywood has a hole at one end to let the water run through so its almost acting as a guttering.

Cyrus has settled in nicely…

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