Complete Unfinished Stairs in Southbourne

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The owners of this property in Southbourne, West Sussex called on M.J Carpentry & Joinery to come make safe and complete their unfinished staircase.

They had the builders in for months doing various works on the property, everything was complete bar the staircase. To make safe we had to fit the remaining newel posts on the upper level where they now have a loft conversion. We fitted handrails and baserails to both upper level and the main stairs, fitted some softwood apron boards, fitted some MDF infills where needed and cut/fit spindles throughout the whole of the stairs, as you can see in the pictures above.

The owners were very happy with how the stairs turned out and exactly how they saw it in their heads before the works commenced. All that remained once M.J Carpentry & Joinery were complete was to apply a few coats of paint. All the new materials were supplied by us, we have a very good supplier to suit most customers needs when it comes to refurbing/modernising any staircase. You can clearly see in the pictures the older materials have a much darker shade of softwood (Orangey-Brown), the newer materials are very pale in comparison.

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