Conservatory in Hunston Part 1

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The owners of this Bungalow in Hunston which is near to Chichester, West Sussex wanted to renew their Conservatory as the old one was gradually rotting away!

M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in for the works. As you can see in the pictures above, the work procedure for Part 1 of the build was:

  1. Carefully take down the old rotten Conservatory.
  2. Clear all rubbish and inspect the existing concrete base before any weight was put on top of this.
  3. The owners wanted to reuse the existing concrete base if possible to save laying a new one. The concrete base was done well with a damp proof membrane underneath, However, reusing the base did mean that the Damp Proof course was lower than usual but the owners were happy to proceed and it hasn’t been an issue for the build. Also the footings that existed for the exterior skin of bricks to sit on were in very good condition. This was good news as the weight of the Conservatory will be relying on these.
  4. A 600mm dwarf wall was then built creating an outside and inside skin of bricks with a 50mm cavity which was insulated and the new wall was tied to the existing wall on the bungalow.
  5. Before the Conservatory could be erected, a length of heavy duty felt was fitted under the existing roof tiles of the bungalow, this then meant that when the Conservatory roof meets the Bungalow roof the felt would create a weather tight seal. Lead flashing would usually be used in this situation but the owner was happy to use felt as this was used originally on the old Conservatory and kept the water out fine!
  6. The Conservatory then started to be erected as you can see in the pictures.


You will find Part 2 of the build in ‘Our Work’ if you wish to see how the build turned out. Or you can click the next arrow above.

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