Conservatory in Hunston Part 2

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Once the Conservatory was put together, water tight and final connections of gutter/downpipe was attached to the original soak away, the works on the inside could commence next. Part 2 of the build included:

  1. Softwood window boards and skirting were fitted and then varnished by the owner to blend in with the brown finish of the Conservatory.
  2. The original decision was to then have carpet or lino flooring laid up to the skirting boards that had been fitted. However, the owners came across a laminate floor which gives a look of tiles but this did mean once fitted with the correct expansion gaps where it meets the skirting, that a softwood trim was needed to hide the gap. You can see these in the pictures before they were varnished.
  3. Also the small step into the kitchen was laminated over as well, so this was now in need of an extra piece of skirting to help blend everything together.
  4. The owners were then going to varnish all the new trims that were fitted at a later date to blend in with the rest of the woodworks.


Once the Conservatory was complete I’m sure you’ll agree it blends very well with the bungalow and looks like its meant to be.

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