Cottage Door & Frame in Bognor Regis

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This cottage in Bognor Regis, West Sussex was in need of a new front door and frame which would suit the property better than the existing. M.J Carpentry & Joinery had done work for the owners before (“Sash Windows in Bognor Regis” Please have a look.) which they were very happy with, so called them back for the new front door and frame.

As with the windows, the glass had to be double glazed and of good qualitiy without ruining the look of the door and making sure it still suited the cottage. The owners also specified that on the inside of the door they wanted some timber shutters fitted which really suit the door and go well with the cottage.

Procedure of works:

  1. The opening of the cottage was carefully measured so that the new door and frame could be made.
  2. Once these careful measurements were taken, the door and frame were made in the workshop. The door was pre-hung to speed up site fitting.
  3. Both the door and frame were knotted and primed with a wood primer finish then ready for the owners decorator to apply the final coats of paint.
  4. Glazed units were ordered and fitted at the workshop.
  5. Once carefully taken to site, the old was carefully removed and the opening was tidied up and cleaned ready for the new to be fitted.
  6. Any infills needed were fitted.
  7. New decent locks were fitted.
  8. Both the door and frame were fine filled, lightly sanded and re-primed where needed.
  9. The whole of the outside of the frame was sealed off to make weather tight.
  10. Once the final coats of paint were applied, M.J Carpentry & Joinery were allowed back to take final photos.
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