Flooring in Havant

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The owners of this property in Havant, Hampshire called M.J Carpentry & Joinery in to fit their new laminate flooring in the Hallway and Kitchen.

The Job consisted of:

  1. Original concrete floor was swept clean and inspected before flooring was laid.
  2. Laying out a flooring underlay onto the concrete floor, this had a built-in damp proof membrane to stop any moisture in the concrete getting through the underlay and destroying the floor.
  3. All overlaps on the underlay where taped to keep them together whilst the floor itself was being laid.
  4. The laminate flooring was then laid with the correct manufacturers reccommended expansion gaps where flooring meets any walls.
  5. Both Hallway and Kitchen flooring flows nicely as one, theres no threshold strip at the doorway therefore linking the two rooms together.
  6. At the front door we fitted a solid Oak treshold piece as specified by the owners, this is very durable for any foot traffic in and out of the door! And also links the floor and door frame together well.
  7. New skirting boards were fitted onto the walls, these hide the expansion gap needed between wall and floor.
  8. Skirting boards were fine filled and sanded ready for decorating.
  9. The new flooring was wiped clean with floor wipes.


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