Garage Convert to Utility Area

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The owners of this property in Bognor Regis, West Sussex came to us in need of a bigger utility space. After having discussions, the best solution we came up with was to insulate and board out half of their garage, create a dividing wall and door to keep the cold out from the other half which is still being used for storage! As you can see in the pictures above alot of care and attention went into this, not to make the space habitable, but warm and perfect for white goods. This also gives them excellent space to put up shelves and cuboards etc.

The order of works

  1. Fixed treated 2×2 timbers to existing brick walls.
  2. Insulated ceiling and walls.
  3. Had any plumbing and electrics adapted before boarding over.
  4. Put up new dividing wall with access to the storage area of garage.
  5. Then boarded out with plywood rather than plasterboard which is more durable and also what the owners wanted.
  6. Finally, fit new door, door lining, hang door and fitted architraves/door stops.
  7. Now ready to be painted out.

The owners are calling us back to insulate, joist and board the floor once they’ve settled into new space and worked out how they wish to use it.


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