Garage Doors in Pagham

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This time there were two jobs underway, one after the other. Whilst M.J Carpentry & Joinery were fitting a new garage door and side door on one property in Pagham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, the owner of another property in the same road asked if they could do the same sort of thing for him.

As you can see in the pictures above, both jobs were very similar with only a couple of slight differences. One had a Hardwood sill attached to the bottom of the side door frame, the brick panel to the right of the frames on both properties were different sizes and one was in need of repair.

Both jobs needed the old steel garage door and rotten side door carefully taking out and disposing of. This is when the loose brickwork was discovered on one of the properties. The new frames were fitted for both the new steel garage door and new side door, also the brickwork was repaired where needed. Once the frames were fitted, the steel garage door was securely fitted with heavy duty bolts on the inside for security reasons and the side door was hung on exterior quality hinges with exterior quality door furniture. Any decorative wood trims were added at this point to complete the look of the frames. Once complete all new timber was fine filled, sanded and primed by M.J Carpentry & Joinery. Both owners were happy to apply the final coats of paint once the works were complete.

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