Hallway Cupboard in Hayling Island

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The owners of this property in Hayling Island, Hampshire were in need of some extra storage space for their clothes, suitcases and boxes etc.

The customers specified to M.J Carpentry & Joinery that the new cupboard had to maximise the space available using it to its full potential, needed to blend in with the age of the property, have as many shelves and hanging space as possible and be deep enough to store larger heavy items such as suitcases and boxes etc.

Once the design was agreed and everyone was happy, the work could start. As you can see in the pictures, the walls and ceiling were in a pretty poor state from an older useless cupboard which had been torn out. It was up to us to repair the walls using the “dot n dab” method which simply means sticking new sheets of plasterboard to the existing walls using a suitable plaster type adhesive. Once the new plasterboard was up and dried overnight, the joints of the boards could be scrim tapped and filled over, then when dry sanded to a smooth finish.

In regards to the wardrobe itself, the materials used for the construction included, softwood for making the main frame, softwood for the battening required for the shelves to be attached to the main house walls, MDF for the partition mid way on the wardrobe, shelves and doors. The rest of the materials were simply just hinges for doors, hanging rails for the clothes and door knobs. Annoyingly from our point of view, for now we had to cut around a possibly live gas pipe whilst the owner waited for the gas man to come out and sort it.

As agreed with the customer, the wardrobe was supplied and fitted with a wood primer finish, all fine filled, sanded lightly and decorators caulked then ready for the owners to apply final coats of paint. Once completed the carpets were next on the to do list!

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