Kitchen Refurb in Emsworth

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The owner of this property in Emsworth, Hampshire was wanting a complete refurb of their Kitchen.

A couple of the carcases that existed had very bad water damage from a leak that had been behind the carcases for quite some time. Whilst the old kitchen was being stripped out M.J Carpentry & Joinery and the owner had noticed that the floor was also water damaged and where it had swollen up so much it was humping in the middle of the floor and very bouncy, almost like a trampoline effect. At this point the owner had now decided to renew the floor. The floor then continued into what is now the new utility area, he asked our plumber to run a cold supply and waste for the washing machine in the utility, fit a large towel rail to the utility wall and then we could renew the kitchen as originally planned.

The works included:

  1. Completely strip out the old water damaged Kitchen.
  2. Carefully take off Oak skirting boards so the old floor can be taken up, which unfortunately we couldn’t rescue where it was water damaged and very well glued together as the boards kept breaking when taken apart.
  3. Electrics and plumbing was then inspected to make sure there were no problems.
  4. Any plumbing was added at this stage such as the washing machine feed, waste and towel rail.
  5. New carcases were then fitted followed by the appliances, worktops, doors, drawers, handles etc.
  6. The new Oak floor was then laid covering the areas it did before on a good quality underlay and now continued into the new utility area. The Oak skirting boards were carefully put back.
  7. Any major holes in the walls were carefully filled and all decorators caulking and siliconing was done by M.J Carpentry & Joinery.
  8. The owner was happy to paint at a later date.
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