Loft Hatch & Ladder in Chichester

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This property in Chichester, West Sussex was in need of a safe way to access the loft. The owner came to M.J Carpentry & Joinery after being fed up with having to use a step ladder which was unsafe when using the loft.

The works consisted of:

  1. Carefully taking out the old hatch opening which was a little damaged.
  2. Fitting new opening with architraves and a hinged drop down door (with a primer paint finish, ready for a decorator).
  3. Fitted a new section of floor within the loft which was large enough for the ladder to sit on when collapsed.
  4. The three section ladder was then assembled and fixed firmly to the new hatch and new floor board.
  5. Finally, a push catch was fitted to the drop down door to ensure easy opening and closing.
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