Loft Wardrobe in Chichester

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After the owners of this property in Chichester, West Sussex had a loft conversion, they wanted to fill the odd space they had on one of the walls with a built in wardrobe. This turned out to be quiet a task as not only was the room not symmetrical, the wall was also twisted and very out of level. Although this was a tedious task, if you look at the pictures I’m sure you’ll agree that the finished job had turned out well and fits the space nicely.

M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in for the works, which included:

  1. Take careful measurements and templates of the space.
  2. Agree the design with the owner before heading back to the workshop to make the wardrobe.
  3. Once at the  workshop, the frame was made along with, shelves, partitions, draw unit and doors.
  4. The frame was knotted, then both the frame and all shelves etc. were pre-primed ready for site.
  5. Once onsite, the frame was fitted and any gaps closed off with timber infills.
  6. Partitions, shelves, drawer unit, doors, handles and hanging rails were fitted.
  7. The wardrobe was fine filled, sanded, primed again where needed and decorators caulked ready for the final coats of paint.
  8. The owners then got in their trusted decorator to apply the final coats of paint.
  9. Final pictures were then taken, please look at the finished job in the pictures.
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