New Door Frame & Door

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The owner of this property in Pagham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex wanted a new exterior Door Frame and Door fitted to replace the existing rotten one (pictures below) and create a more secure Door which leads into the garage.

M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in to do the works, which included:

  1. Carefully remove old Door Frame and Door.
  2. Inspected brickwork etc. around the opening and made sure everything was safe.
  3. Pre-primed any bare timber which can’t be got to later.
  4. Fitted new Door Frame with a Hardwood sill securely to the brickwork and foamed in with expanding foam.
  5. Cut/shot new Door to suit new Door Frame ready for hanging.
  6. Hung the Door on heavy duty exterior hinges.
  7. Fitted exterior handles and lock.
  8. Cleaned off any excess foam and infilled around the new Door Frame where needed.
  9. Fine filled, sanded and primed any remaining bare timber.
  10. Sealed around the edges of the new Door Frame with a neat bead of white silicone.
  11. Ready for decorating.






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