New Door & Frame in Portsmouth

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This property in Portsmouth, Hampshire was in need of a new door and frame. The Owner was unhappy with the originals as they were gradually falling apart, not closing properly and generally not in good condition. Whilst the owner was happy enough to do some works on the sliding sash windows next to the door, the task of the new door and frame was given to M.J Carpentry & Joinery.

After discussing in detail as to what look was appropriate for the property, they agreed the owner will find a door they like and supply it. M.J Carpentry & Joinery had to then make a frame to suit both the opening of the house and the new door along with a decorative top light with the house number applied to it (which we can’t show for privacy reasons).

The works were carried out as follows:

  1. Carefully measure the existing opening and new door size to make a frame at the workshop.
  2. Pre-hang the door into the new frame to give a head start when site fitting.
  3. The frame was knotted and primed with a wood primer, the door was given a special sealer as specified by the owner which is part of the system of paint that has been used before and they’re happy with.
  4. Once onsite, the old door and frame were carefully removed, any loose render was removed and all cleaned up.
  5. The new door and frame were fitted along with new decent locks.
  6. The render was patched up where needed.
  7. The new frame was fine filled, sanded, topped up with primer paint and sealed off around the outside to stop any water getting through.
  8. Once all the woodworks were completed, the glass unit was fitted above the frame (the top light) which was about time as we had to make do with a temporary board whilst waiting for the order of glass.
  9. The owner then applied final coats of paint and allowed M.J Carpentry & Joinery to come back for some final pictures.


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