New Frame and Door in Selsey

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This property in Selsey, Chichester, West Sussex was lacking the right look from the u-pvc door that existed.

The owner of the property was after a more traditional look that would suit the house better. After a few discussions and looking through various catalogues and magazines for inspiration, both M.J Carpentry & Joinery and the customer came up with what you can see in the pictures above.

The new door frame was made by M.J Carpentry & Joinery and the 6- panelled door was brought from their suppliers as the customer liked the look of this door and it was also purchased at a reasonable price. Once the frame and door were ready to be fitted, the ironmongery was purchased by the owner, then the works could commence:

  1. The old u-pvc door and frame was carefully removed and recycled.
  2. All new timber being fitted was knotted and primed with wood primer paint, then once all was fitted the decorator could apply the final coats of paint.
  3. Once the opening was carefully cleaned and inspected to make sure there’s no problems, the new frame was fitted.
  4. Once the frame was fixed securely, any gaps around the frame were filled with expanding foam and then covered with neat timber infills both inside and out.
  5. Now that the frame was ready, the door could be carefully planed and fitted including fitting all the ironmongery that the owner had purchased.
  6. The glass above the door (known as the top light) was then fitted.
  7. Once the works were complete, the owner kindly asked if M.J Carpentry & Joinery could fit the large canopy above the door and the name plaque beside the door as they had all the tools to achieve this.
  8. The owner was happy for final pictures to be taken once all decorating was complete and the front wall repair were done.

Please look at the pictures to see how the project turned out.

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