Porch Refurb in Rowlands Castle

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This porch on this property in Rowlands Castle near Havant, Hampshire was in need of some new supporting posts and just a general tidy up of loose, missing and broken tiles.

M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in to do the works. As you can see in the pictures above, they put up a temporary stud wall coming off of the concrete floor to help support the small load of the porch roof, whilst old timbers were being carefully cut out for the new. Originally there was just the one supporting post in the corner of the porch, the owners asked if two more can be added to the house walls which give the whole project a nicer look.

Once the new posts and beams were fitted, the main supporting beam was concreted in and when set, was very strong. Now that the roof was supported securely, the tidying up of loose, missing and broken tiles could be achieved next. As you can see, once these jobs were complete it gives the whole porch a better look and it suits the house well.

The owners were going to apply a wood stain to give the porch that final touch it needs. They’ve also yet to decide how to finish the inside of the porch off and call in an electrician to sort out the cables and re-run them properly.

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