Raised Decking in Pagham

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The owners of this property in Pagham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex were in need of a raised decking area large enough to host bbq’s and small gatherings on etc. The finished size was 8.5 metres long by 4.2 metres wide.

The owners specified that the decking needed to be as close to the height of the patio door frame as possible so that they didn’t have to step down too low from the floor level inside the bungalow. As you can see in the pictures, the height worked out very well. This was achieved using drainage alongside the decking boards as the boards finished at damp proof course level to achieve the height needed for the owner. In doing this, the drainage will take away excess water from the decking boards and stop it soaking through above the damp proof course. Also, the whole decking area was laid with a slight lean away from the bungalow to help rain water run away from the property.

M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in to do the works, which included:

  1. Mark out for the main frame and post holes.
  2. Dug all post holes and set posts in to place with concrete.
  3. Membrane was laid to stop any future weeds growing through the decking boards, this was weighed down with odds and sods of slabs and bricks etc. that the customer already had.
  4. Once the posts were set, the main perimeter of the frame was built.
  5. Then all support beams and main joists were added for extra strength.
  6. Once the main frame was complete and strong, the deck boards were screwed down leaving gaps in between each board to help the rain water drain away.

Please look through the pictures to see how this project turned out.

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