Sash Windows in Bognor Regis

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The owners of this property in Bognor Regis, West Sussex came to M.J Carpentry & Joinery asking if they could make some new sash windows as the old ones were in need of replacing. As agreed with the owners, the upstairs windows both were a pair of open out sashes, which is good for fire safety reasons if ever anybody needed to get out via the windows. The downstairs window was just simply a top opening in window to allow enough air through the building when opened.

Once careful measurements were taken and a price was agreed, the windows could be made in the workshop. The new window frames were made from joinery quality softwood with utile hardwood sills, sashes were then made to fit the new frames again from the same quality softwood. With sashes now complete, they were pre-hung on their hinges with all window furniture fitted therefore giving less to do when it came to fitting the windows to the property. Once M.J Carpentry & Joinery were happy that the windows were working properly, the sashes were taken out of the frames, wood knotting and a wood primer paint was applied to all bare timber including glazing beads which were machined and cut not long after sashes were pre-hung. Once primer was dry, the sashes could then be glazed with double glazed units.

Once all workshop works were out of the way, the windows were carefully delivered to site and fitted. Once M.J Carpentry & Joinery finished any patching in of render/brickwork plus any fine filling and decorators caulking, the owners then  called in their family decorator to apply the final coats of paint.

If you look at the above pictures, you can see how the windows turned out.



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