Wardrobe with Mirror Sliding Doors

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This flat in Bognor Regis, West Sussex was lacking wardrobe space, there were a fair amount of cupboards available but nowhere great for hanging clothes, folding jumpers neatly and storing shoes etc.

The owners of the property gave M.J Carpentry & Joinery a quick brief in regards to what they wanted, one of the main things being that there had to be Sliding Mirror Doors to help make the room feel that little bit bigger. Another thing being it needs to be built-in and floor to ceiling.

To create the look you can see in the pictures (where the wardrobe, coving and skirting all blends in with the existing on the flat) M.J Carpentry & Joinery did the following:

  1. A small stud partition was put up to create the opening needed for the frame and doors as well as starting to blend the walls together.
  2. The base was made to the agreed height, the main frame was attached to this and fixed to the new partition created earlier.
  3. Once the frame was in square and level, all infills, the internal partition, shelving and new partition boarding were fitted using MDF.
  4. Next the coving and skirting board were fitted to blend in with the originals on the flat.
  5. All timber was then fine filled, sanded, primed and caulked ready for final coats of paint.
  6. Once the paint was dry the track system for the sliding doors were installed, the doors were fixed into position and adjusted ready for use.
  7. There was an off cut of carpet which was used on the base of the wardrobe, this helped as the base blended in with the carpet on the main floor of the room.
  8. The doors were pre-made, bought from M.J Carpentry & Joinery’s supplier and therefore didn’t need painting as this is done during manufacture.
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