Window Repairs in Portsmouth

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These sash windows in Portsmouth, Hampshire were in need of some love and care. The sash cords had broken, the sash’s were rubbing on the main frame and most of them were painted shut.

M.J Carpentry & Joinery were called in for the works, the work procedure for all three windows were:

  1. Carefully remove staff beads from the main frame, which then allows the bottom sash’s to be removed.
  2. Once the bottom sash’s were out of the way, the parting beads were next to be removed so that the top sash’s can be taken out next. In this case M.J Carpentry & Joinery were asked by the customer if the top sash’s can remain fixed as they had never worked before plus they were well painted shut.
  3. As the top sash’s remained fix, the parting beads were only lifted out of the way enough so that the pockets can be accessed to continue repairs (pockets are removed so that the sash weights can be accessed).
  4. Whilst the taking apart process was underway, all timber was thoroughly inspected and any adjustments to the sash’s, fine filling, sanding and wood priming was done.
  5. The windows can now start to go back together, sash cord was dropped over the pulleys, cut to rough length and tied to the appropriate weight.
  6. Once the cords were in place ready to receive sash’s, the pockets and parting beads were re-fix where they came from.
  7. The cords were then attached to the bottom sash’s.
  8. After the sash’s were tested and running smoothly, the staff beads were pinned into position, fine filled, sanded lightly and wood primer applied.
  9. Finally, the three windows and surrounding wood works was given a coat of white paint to give them a fresher look and finish the job off nicely.
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